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Store Items

Store Items are a great way of selling items online to customers that you might otherwise sell in your physical campground store. This might also include things like birthday or anniversary packages. There is no limit to how many items can be added. Each store item can also have an unlimited number of photos uploaded. To add and manage store items, click on Store Items under the bed & breakfast's menu.

Adding Store Items

To add a new store item, enter information such as:

  • Name
  • Price
  • In Stock (Yes / No)
  • Code (UPC, SKU, etc.)
  • Tax Rate
  • Description

    Once a store item has been entered, bed & breakfast admins can edit information and add photos by clicking on the pencil icon in the store item list. To remove a store item, click on the red X.

    Editing Store Items

    From the edit page, store item details can be edited and photos can be uploaded and managed.

    Viewing Store Items

    Customers can click on the store item name to view additional details such as description, all available photos, price, and if the item is in stock or not.

    Buying Store Items

    Available store items will be displayed to customers for purchase. Customers can view photos and add store items to their shopping cart for purchase.

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