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Reservation System Plugin

With just one line of code, you can add the entire BnB Res system onto your own website. To do this, simply click on the 'Reservation System Plugin' option under the bed & breakfast's menu.

Setup Options

There are five easy steps (two are optional) to add the reservation system to your website. The Reservation System Plugin page walks you through each step.

First, select colors that will match your website, or keep the default colors. To change colors, just click on the color for each section and select a new color.

Under the Step 1 section, you can enter a website URL to a success and cancelled landing page on your site. However, these are optional and if you do not enter a value here, customers will be redirected to a default success or canceled page at after making a purchase.


To see how your bed & breakfast page will look with the colors selected, click on the link under Step 2.


Finally, use the code provided under Step 3 and add it to a page on your website.

That's it! You will now have the BnB Res system on your own website.

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